Stop By the Vacuum Repair Shop in Saint John, NB

Stop By the Vacuum Repair Shop in Saint John, NB

You can trust us to get your vacuum fixed up effectively

Is your vacuum not working as well as it used to? Bring it to our team at Aerus of Charlottetown for professional vacuum repairs in Saint John, NB. Our company sells new vacuums. We can also service and repair any brand of vacuum you may use. We are proud to be the vacuum repair company in Saint John, NB, and we're here to help with any of your vacuum problems.

If something seems off with your vacuum, our team will conduct a service check and make repairs as necessary. Call us at 506-635-8893 today to learn more about our vacuum repairs.

3 signs your vacuum is in need of a repair

Don't wait until your vacuum starts to spark or smoke to bring it in for repairs. Here are three signs that your vacuum may need repairs right away:

  1. It's consistently not as powerful as it used to be
  2. There's a burning or musty odor whenever you use it
  3. You hear a strange noise coming from the motor

Don't ignore issues with your vacuum. Visit our vacuum repair company today, and we'll make the necessary repairs to get your vacuum working properly in no time.